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BMW is known for premium SUVs and personal vehicles designed for optimal comfort road capability. The new fleet of the BMW X2 and X3 is no exception as they are designed as compact and sporty vehicles with an impressive track record of performance. The X2 and X3 have an impressive record of features, accessories, and capabilities under the hood, on the interior and the exterior. To learn more continue reading.

Performance, Accessories and Features


The BMW X2 is an unmistakably feature- and accessory-loaded SUV. On the exterior, the X2 rides on 18-inch Y-spoke wheels fitted with all-season run-flat tires. The high-gloss chrome trims on the rim and tail exhaust add a touch of shiny, elegant finish. On the front, the aggressive split-grille makes the BMW X2 quite similar to other BMW models.

On the interior, the BMW X2 is nothing short of luxurious. The unique SensaTec upholstery with a leather finish and high gloss black interior trim give the vehicle a unique appearance and feel of luxury.

The interior is packed with various features of luxurious importance to the X2. Among the most notable include the premium Hi-Fi seven-speaker audio system, wireless connectivity with remote capability and BWM smart technology that allows you control your vehicle from a distance.


On the other hand, The BMW X3 is known to be a larger, more aggressive and more powerful SUV than the X2. The X3 offers everything that the X2 is packed with. In particular, the X3 is powered by a 2L BMW TwinPower Turbo inline 4-cylinder engine. The 16-valve powerhouse can deliver up to 248 horsepower, high precision direct injection and Valvetronic variable valve control.

The best-in-class BMW X3 comes into other trims, including the X3 M40i, which is powered by a 3-liter turbocharged 6-cylinder engine that delivers 382 horsepower. With this kind of power, you can enjoy a powerful acceleration of 0 to 60 miles per hour within 4.4 seconds.

The X3 M Competition alternative has a more powerful 503 horsepower 3-liter turbocharged 6-cylinder engine that is configured to perform even better with accelerations of 0 to 60 mph in 4.0 seconds.

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